WARNING: This Page Exposes Scams Which Have Cost People Their Life Savings and More!
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Scammers are getting smarter - but we are one step ahead

Want to learn how to avoid scams and keep your family, friends and businesses safe?
Are you looking to protect your family?
Scammers are
From targeting elderly relatives to taking advantage of you and your businesses, scammers don't care about the hurt and ruin they cause, they care who they can target next....
Don't let that be you!
This site has been created to keep you safe, to bring you the latest information on scams and other schemes created by nasty people to take advantage and cause nothing but heart-ache and pain. From....
  • Zoom Call Hacking
  • Scams during global pandemics
  • Insurance scams
  • ​Card Machine Scams
  • ​Attempts to gain personal information
  • ​Fake Charity Scams
  • ​Investment Scams
  • Threats and Extortion
  • Email Scams
  • Unexpected Money and Winning Scams
  • ​Door to Door Scams
  • ​Online Shopping Scams
  • ​Physical Scams

And MORE..... New Scams are created EVERYDAY

Who are we?
Managed and led by Paul Newton, the famous mind reader, magician and hypnotist, Mental Theft is a business aimed at doing one thing - improving the security strength of the mind.
With years of experience working in and with the military, our understanding of the marketplace and the mentality from top-ranking officers, to squaddies on the ground through to the suppliers.
  • Keynote Speaker at Multiple Business Shows, 2020
  • Regularly Booked by Companies worth £2bn+
  • Adviser for BBC, ITV and SKY Programmes
  • Worked on International Stage Shows as a Technical Adviser
  • Member of the Magic Circle
  • Award Winning Magician and Stage Performer
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See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
I was introduced to Paul a few months ago by a mutual friend who just knew we would hit it off. Paul came to see me and showed me just how scary a man he is - definitely someone you want on your side!

Having seen what he can do, I have hired Paul on a number of occasions to demonstrate just how poor most of us are at protecting our private information. And if we can’t protect that, what hope do we have of protecting critical company information... such as passwords to log on to company systems? He is a joy to work with
Insightful Insurance Expert, Hiscox
Sam Newman
Paul presented at a Finance & Legal event on the importance of being aware of scammers in the current climate. He knew how to hold engagement of the whole crowd and I would recommend booking him in if you get the opportunity.
Financial Adviser, Persell Ewart & Co
Chris Boardman
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